A longtime leader in healthcare improvement, we’re developing new ways to revolutionize the industry.

We deliver transformative solutions that power real results. 看看og视讯真人能帮上什么忙.


Transforming healthcare is more than our objective, it’s in our DNA. We’re dedicated to ensuring better health is just the beginning.


At every level of leadership, Premier’s experts are driving healthcare forward.


ob视讯不仅仅是一个GPO. Combining robust analytics with consulting and advocacy, we’re changing the healthcare landscape for the better.  

Collective purchasing power lowers costs across your organization.

Intelligence plus unparalleled analytics equals data-driven solutions.

It’s only impossible until it’s not. Premier and our team of experts are transforming care delivery.

Work with Premier members to lower costs, improve quality and safety and succeed in value-based care.

A voice for better healthcare policy is a voice for you.  

与会员紧密合作, we’re developing products and services to solve your most complex challenges.

Lower costs, greater efficiencies and a healthier bottom line.

Proven practices that result in better outcomes.

Intersecting specialty drugs with better management and data-driven best practices.

Controlling your future with integrated care delivery practices.


Data diving to deliver insights you can act on.

Supporting healthcare transformation through the generation of real-world evidence.

与会员紧密合作, we're developing products and services to solve your most complex challenges.

Our most recent insights, articles and more, all in one place.  

Discover what leading healthcare providers are achieving through Premier membership.

Stay informed with our white papers, webinars and e-books.

Browse our blog for a taste of what’s new and what’s next in healthcare.

Premier’s perspectives have been solicited by nationally renowned publications. 继续读下去.


Catch our policy statements and perspectives on the latest in DC.

Compelling stories from the front lines of America’s health systems.


引入PINC人工智能. Premier’s technology platform delivering smarter, faster and better care.


直到今天, it was virtually impossible to integrate data and analytics with developing AI technology to deliver evidence-based insights at the point of care 降低成本变化. The PINC人工智能 technology platform delivers evidence-based results, 并与大多数电子病历相结合, meaning your quality improvement and cost-reduction programs will experience results faster than ever before.


Benchmark your way to better performance, by tapping into best practices and one of the largest comparative databases in the U.S. — with information on 45 percent of discharges annually.



We acquire and manage your clinical, 财务和运营数据, transforming it into insights that help you improve performance across the continuum of care.



Our platform includes a wide range of capabilities that generate actionable insights in clinical performance improvement and total cost management.



Work with the only ERP that was built with a health system in mind.


Our unique perspective on the physician enterprise allows us to engineer operational and financial success across practices.


独特地补充你的电子病历. Immediately act on opportunities to protect your patient population.


Health system leaders can quickly pinpoint high-value opportunities to generate savings 而 maintaining or improving quality.



Before lower costs were a government mandate, they were a corporate prerogative. Premier was one of the first companies to translate the purchasing power of a healthcare alliance into significant cost savings.



Our advisory expertise is unsurpassed. It’s no surprise we’ve been named the 2019 and 2017 Best in KLAS Overall Healthcare Management 咨询 Firm.



Our collaborative approach to problem solving has led to groundbreaking innovations in quality, 安全和人口健康. By leveraging the scale of our alliance, we can propel best practice to become the standard of care.



Premier is your voice on the frontline in Washington. Our experts educate and influence policymakers by advocating on behalf of your organization. og视讯真人的维.C. team understands the issues facing providers, and are prepared to tackle those challenges head-on.


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